SUMMA SUMMARUM by Ronja-Elina Kappl, 2019–xxxx

Claiming to be a complete memory of one’s own experience, photography alters our perception of the passage of time. Yet to absorb in totality is impossible to the individual.

SUMMA SUMMARUM evolves around this obvious but yet so complicated contradiction to make things a whole. Different photographs of the natural world are combined with architectural structures and the human body, the images become fluid objects existing in between the microscopic and the macroscopic world. They interact and defy any form of objective categorization or narration, yet the tension that develops through their combination presents an enclosed and mysterious world of being. It is a unique visual cosmos which one can not take all in nor make sense of. All things seem to be entangled but one thing clearly presents itself to the viewer as singular, the tensity of the images co-existing.

Text by Vincent Forstenlechner

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