PHOBIA by Ronja-Elina Kappl, 2018 self-published

The project „Phobia - An Anthology of Fear“ deals with anxiety disorders, which are excessively triggered by trivial objects and situations. The focus was placed on atypical phobias, based on structures, materials and obtained objects.

The team has been developing within their respective fields of expertise, dealing with the subject in different ways. To be able to address anxiety disorders and cooperate with eight people suffering from different atypical fears, it was necessary to understand the psychological background. Therefore the core of this project was the theoretical collaboration with Prof. Dr. Alfred Hamm, an expert in the field of phobias.

The creative realization focused intensively on the materials and structures of the phobic objects: they were photographed, observed from an electron microscope, shaped into typo-objects and processed in handmade alphabets, which served as a template for the development of eight phobic fonts.

The result is nine individual booklets, summarised as an „Anthology of Fear“. Additional to a general issue on phobias, the other eight each deal with a specific phobia and one affected person.

Electron Microscopy, Phobia Fonts, Posters and Typo Objects: Sabrina Wegerer
Layout: Melanie Asböck
Photography: Ronja-Elina Kappl, Anna Niederleitner
Interviews: Ronja-Elina Kappl, Anna Niederleitner, Sabrina Wegerer

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