EVERY BEGINNING IS A NEW END is a limited edition box that consists of 5 photographic prints by Sami Ciftci, Vincent Forstenlechner, Ira Grünberger, Ronja-Elina Kappl, Miles Schleifer and a specially commissioned cassette tape album by L/R. *

In these current times, where finding new ways to express ideas becomes a compulsory task, we have developed a multidisciplinary project that takes the exhibition format as a starting point and moves it into a mobile and individually arrangeable experience.

EVERY BEGINNING IS A NEW END is an attempt to tackle the disconnection, caused by the pandemic, between artistic experience and its audience.

* L/R is a collaboration between music producer Lucas Farr and sound artist Robert Schwarz, both Vienna based. Coming from different musical backgrounds, they approached the project by shared passions like modular synthesis, field recordings and mesmerizing arpeggio patterns. Together they created an original sonic universe that has been described as Twin Peaks inside a floating tank, filled with concrete.