CEAELI by Miles Schleifer, 2018

I have been visiting my grandparents in California/Los Angeles ever since I can remember. I have always had deeply slumbering visual memories and impressions of that place. Though they are very distinctive I have never quite been able to grasp them, nor articulate them. Over time I have grown up and changed and so have my views and perceptions of that place. But some have always been and still are so deeply ingrained, they exist to this day.

While thinking about how to surface these impressions, I thought of another very distinct aspect of California. Due to its vast size, one spends a large amount of time driving around in a car and therefore gazing out of the window watching the city and landscape pass by. Things appear and disappear so rapidly, one’s active consciousness can hardly register, let alone think, about what one is seeing. So I started taking pictures out of the car, letting my subcounsciousness take over and trusting its unparalleled speed to surface what was slumbering deep within me.

After I had shot a large bulk of photos over the span of two months, I started consciously analyzing what my feelings and instincts had brought forth. I was surprised how photos that I had hardly any memory of taking or photos that I had disregarded the second I had taken them, were now the photos I noticed most. And are now an essential part of this series.

This is a visual essay of this vast, dreamy, harsh, famous, shameful, rapid, artificial and slow hazy place.

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