This publication is raveled and spun of the many and scattered subjective recordings of our shared current present.

It is the encompassment of this cluster of imagery, that may serve as a way to poetically string together how it feels to navigate the complexity of the year 2022.

As devastating events ravage our world day by day, we collected photographs that act as a silent gesture of finding oneself in the chaos of our physical surroundings.

This Publication was curated by Eclect Lab, through an invitation to 16 Visual Artists from 9 different countries:

Aaryan Sinha, Adriana Finghis, Angelina Nonaj, Antonia Valentina Sanchez, Dora Ramljak, Ira Grünberger, Johann Husser, Jordi de Vetten, Luca Christakopoulos, Miles Schleifer, Peter Walde, Pia Heer, Ronja-Elina Kappl, Sami Ciftci, Nora Hollstein, Vincent Forstenlechner

80 pages, 23 x 17 cm
69 photographs, from spring 2022
Printed by Printon (Estonia)
Color / black and white
Edition of 200